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Bitcoin Still Bright – Miami’s Mayor Wants Salary in BTC

Last month, the BTC price traded around $60,000 and reached a new high of $67,000, which is considered an uptrend for Bitcoin. The Bitcoin price is currently at $62,467 at 11 am ET.

Recently, Francis Suarez, mayor of Miami, has doubly supported the cryptocurrency by announcing that he will receive his salary in Bitcoin. This is considered the first American politician to receive his salary in a digital currency.

The regular salary of the mayor is $187,500, which is almost 3 BTC.

His announcement became a role model for crypto supporters and investors. Since early 2021, Francis Suarez has shown a useful approach to the cryptocurrency industry. Bitcoin in particular, in addition to being a holder.

Suarez also compared the importance of Bitcoin to: Bitcoin is not tied to any regulatory system or monetary policy. For this reason, it is an opportunity for some developing countries to help the gloomy economy.

It remains to be seen how Bitcoin will be able to advance in Miami.

Meanwhile, countries in Central America, South America, and Africa have also started using Bitcoin as a legal tender.

The Spot Market is Open

Thursday, November 4, 2021

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13.50 BTC62,525.99+521.76+0.84
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