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Bitkub Launches BLACK CARD Crypto Debit Card

Bitkub has announced plans to launch a crypto debit card called Black Card, which will soon be available exclusively to Bitkub users.

On October 15, Bitkub executives will hold an official launch of the crypto investment center, Bitkub Investment Center.

According to Bitkub officials, investing in cryptocurrencies is becoming an increasingly popular trend. But cryptocurrencies are still a relatively new technology. Therefore, there are still many investors who need help or advice in various areas.

They have recognized the importance of this point and have set up a place for investors to share investment knowledge. There you can get advice directly from experts to invest confidently and safely in the future of financial technology.

Another interesting thing is that the CEO of Bitkub revealed that the company is preparing to launch the Bitkub Black Card. This is a crypto debit card that will allow users to buy products worldwide under the Mastercard symbol and also withdraw money from ATMs.

This effort has been underway since early 2020. At that time, Bitkub’s chairman revealed the company’s roadmap, which included the crypto debit card.

The card will initially be available only to Bitkub partners, based on the data obtained from it, criteria will be set for those who want to open the card according to the conditions.

In addition to the black card that represents the highest level, there are other card models such as copper, silver, and gold. The card levels are determined based on the retail volume.

The company plans to add more privileges in the future.

As for the usage, the Black Card is linked to the Bitkub account. Users need to load fiat in the form of Thai Baht to the card account before using it. This card account will be independent of the crypto trading account.

In other words, users cannot load cryptocurrencies onto the card. In order for the system to automatically convert to Thai baht, they have to sell cryptocurrencies in baht and manually load them onto the card.

The reason for this is probably the legal situation in Thailand. There, the issuance of crypto debit cards that automatically convert crypto coins into baht is not allowed.

More details about this are expected to appear towards the end of the year. Bitkub fans will have to be patient for a while.

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