Bitcoin Approaches $60,000

Bitcoin price approaches the $60,000 mark, which should not end here as investors consider the cryptocurrency as an accepted asset, BTC/USD rose 0.81% to $59,444.0.

It is yet another week of massive amounts of money flowing into Bitcoin, now with a total value of over $226 million.

Source: Bloomberg Coin Shares data available

This increase could be due to the acceptance of Bitcoin ETFs.

Many major banks in the U.S. say their clients are waiting to enter the digital asset market to diversify their portfolios when the Bitcoin ETF is officially approved.

Meanwhile, Ethereum lost a modest $14 million in investment capital removed from altcoin products. This could be a result of the sharp rise in the price of Bitcoin. As a result, Ethereum fell by more than 1%.

The Spot Market is Open

Friday, October 15, 2021

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15.10 BTC59,189.69+1,948.37+3.41
15.10 ETH3,799.93+3.55+0.09
15.10 LTC182.04-0.33-0.18
15.10 BNB465.64-6.07-1.29
15.10 XRP1.140.00+0.18
15.10 ADA2.190.00-0.14
15.10 DOT40.67+0.42+1.05
15.10 UNI26.27+0.39+1.51
15.10 LINK26.79-0.76-2.76

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