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Bitcoin Hits $51,000

The bitcoin price skyrocketed today and almost crossed the $52,000 mark. Bitcoin traders remain confident about the Bitcoin price and continue to drive the price higher.

Bitcoin rose to a high of $51,900 today after many analysts were already looking bearish on the bitcoin price. The next weeks and months will show to what extent the current price upswing is sustainable.

Bitcoin experts, however, seem confident in the fourth quarter. They do not expect any more significant downtrend this year.

Also, the coming stock market downturn that many predict can have an impact on the crypto markets. Here we will see to what extent the bitcoin price can withstand a sell-off on the stock markets.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

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BTC 16.2650.631.60+51.78+0.10
ETH 16.263,364.12-93.75-2.71
LTC 16.26165.15-7.35-4.26
BNB 16.26417.64-22.41-5.09
XRP 16.261.02-0.05-4.39
ADA 16.262.13-0.08-3.58
DOT 16.2629.35-1.88-6.02
DOGE 16.260.25-0.01-4.89
UNI 16.2623.97-0.97-3.89
LINK 16.2625.35-1.22-4.59

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