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A matter of character

Successful investors are very often called smart or intelligent investors. They are, otherwise, they would not be that successful. So is there a link between the success of an intelligent investor and his IQ?

Let’s get to the bottom of this question. However, to answer this question we will get help from the father of value investing Benjamin Graham.

In his book “The Intelligent Investor”, Graham describes what a so-called Intelligent Investor must bring to minimize the probability of essential losses. The ability to maximize his sustainable profits and to keep control over his self-defeating behavior.

So let’s get back to our question at the beginning. It is clear that there is no connection between the IQ of an investor and the concept of an intelligent investor. It has much more to do with the character traits an investor should have. These are patience, discipline, and eagerness to learn. However, the intelligent investor should also be a master of his emotions and have the ability to think for himself.

Therefore, the question of whether the intelligent investor must have a high IQ is redundant. It is much more a question of character that makes an Intelligent Investor.[1]


[1] Benjamin Graham, The intelligent investor (2003), Rev. ed. / updated with new commentary by Jason Zweig, p. 13-14.

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